Business Loan

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Lending Criteria

Residential (1-4 Family)

Multi-Family & Mixed Use

Max Loan-To-Value Ratio

Up To 90% (Purchase), 75% (Refinance)

80% (Purchase), 70% (Refinance)

Construction Financing

Up to 100%

Up to 100%

Minimum Rates




3 Months

3-6 Months

Loan Term

Up To 24 Months

Up to 24 Months

Minimum Loan Amount

$150,000 - $5,000,000

$250,000 - $5,000,000

*Exceptions may be granted on a deal by deal basis.

Business loan application

Follow the instructions to fill in the form below. Also, click on the download form button below to get a hard copy of this form.

Company information

Business owner / Principal information

NOTE: If there will be a co-borrower on this loan please complete the Business Owner Section only on an additional Loan Application and sign.

Company information

Current loan / advance balances

By signing and submitting this Real Estate Problem Solver Application (“Application”), each of the undersigned certifies that (i) I am authorized to apply for business financing on behalf of the entity identified above in the Company Information section, (ii) the information provided within this Application is true and accurate and (iii) I will promptly notify the lender of any material changes to such information. This Application must be accompanied by additional supporting documents and information as directed by a funder in order to be considered for approval. By submitting this application, each of the undersigned authorizes the lender, and its agents, assignees, and/or third-party providers to make all inquiries deemed necessary to verify the accuracy of the information provided in this Application (including requesting business and personal credit bureau reports from credit reporting agencies and other sources). Each of the undersigned agrees and understands that the lender will retain this Application and all supporting documents and information whether or not this application is approved.

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