Real Estate and Construction Loan

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Lending Criteria

Residential (1-4 Family)

Multi-Family & Mixed Use

Max Loan-To-Value Ratio

Up To 90% (Purchase), 75% (Refinance)

80% (Purchase), 70% (Refinance)

Construction Financing

Up to 100%

Up to 100%

Minimum Rates




3 Months

3-6 Months

Loan Term

Up To 24 Months

Up to 24 Months

Minimum Loan Amount

$150,000 - $5,000,000

$250,000 - $5,000,000

*Exceptions may be granted on a deal by deal basis.

Real Estate and Construction loan application

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Transaction Information

Property Information

Please explain what you plan to do with the loan amount and the property
Please explain the long term plan for this project and the paying off of the loan

Guarantor’s Information

Broker Information

Borrower Track Record

Please give the address and project type

This transaction requires your purchasing title insurance. Our term sheet names our preferred vendor title insurance agents, including our affiliate Atlantis National Services, Inc. (Atlantis). New York insurance law requires the following disclosures with referrals between affiliates:

    • We do not require using Atlantis. You may comparison shop for the best title services and rates.
    • We and Atlantis have some common ownership and management.
    • We receive no financial or other benefit from this referral, from Atlantis or anyone else.
    • We neither receive compensation or other value related to the amount of title business we refer to Atlantis, nor are required to refer Atlantis a specified title business volume.
    • We receive no payment or other compensation that violate Insurance Law §§2324 or 6409 or RESPA.
    • Any benefit we receive from this referral is indirect and relates solely to our common ownership.
    • Atlantis generates non-affiliated business from multiple sources in over 30 states.

By signing below, you are waiving your right to receive copies of Appraisal Reports developed in connection with your loan application promptly upon completion and at least 3 business days prior to the closing of your loan, and instead agree to receive those copies no later than at the time of loan closing, if your loan closes, or within 30 days after Lender determines that the loan will not close. Do not sign this document if you do not agree to the waiver.

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